Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Tech offers unrivalled experience in all facets of data collection for Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering. We have vast experience in planning and undertaking surveys of varying magnitude with changing priorities and possesses adequate technical resources to address any scale of traffic survey projects.
Traffic Tech provides professional services in the following specialized areas:
    • Traffic Surveys & Data Collection
    • Traffic Signal Analysis and Design
    • Setup & Optimization of SCATS™ Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Systems
    • Design of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
    • Evaluation and Recommendation of Appropriate Technologies in the Field of Traffic Monitoring, Control, and Safety
    • Traffic Management in Work Zone Areas
    • Traffic Impact Studies (TIS)
    • Parking design Audits

Traffic Tech “employs full time staff to carry out field surveys”, while engineers/analysts process the data. We own a wide range of traffic data collection equipment such as video cameras with software for data reduction, video camera with image processing, automatic traffic recorders, speed radars, axle load scales & software applications to guarantee reliable and accurate data collection.

Some of the biggest names in the industry around the region tap on Traffic Tech’s resources and expertise to provide them with data collection and related services. Amongst them are:

    • Ministry of Transport & Communications – Qatar
    • CDM Smith Co. – Qatar
    • Qatar Petroleum – Qatar
    • QMedia – Qatar
    • Parsons – Qatar, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia
    • Atkins – Qatar & Bahrain
    • Public Works Authority (PWA) – Qatar
    • Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning – Qatar
    • Hyder Consulting – Qatar & Bahrain
    • Dar Al Handasah – Qatar
    • Private Engineering Office – Qatar
    • Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB) – Qatar
    • Technital – Qatar
    • CH2M – Saudi Arabia
    • Khatib & Alami – Qatar
    • ARUP – Qatar
    • AECOM – Qatar
    • PTV – Qatar
    • KEO Consultants – Qatar
    • Halcrow – Qatar
    • GHD – Qatar
    • TraffiConsult – Qatar
    • Scott Wilson Ltd. – UAE
    • URS Corporation – Qatar
    • Conser Consulting Engineers – Qatar
    • Department of Transport (DoT) – Abu Dhabi
    • Italconsult – Qatar
    • PL Engineering – Qatar
    • Pell Frischmann Consulting Engineers – UAE
    • Duffy Consulting Engineers – Qatar
    • Seero Engineering Consulting – Qatar

Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Tech is an approved service provider in the field of traffic data collection. For over two decades, we have carried out various types of surveys including:

Traffic Tech undertake video surveys for different type of intersections including major interchanges for varying duration as per the requirement. Our Video camera units are designed to cater to different requirements including long duration surveys.

Wide angle Digital Cameras which can work in day and night are used for recording traffic details. Cameras are mounted on suitable positions to cover the required traffic movements. Data reduction is done by using custom made software. Recorded images will be submitted along with data files so that verification of data accuracy is possible. Video surveys can be used for Turning Movement Counts, Classification counts for 16 hours, Classification counts for 7 days etc..

Traffic Tech can conduct Video surveys with image processing methods as well.

Road Side Units and Pneumatic tubes and that can record vehicle movements by volume, class, speed are used for Automatic Traffic Counts. We can provide clients with widest possible choice of data that can be collected like volume, classification, speed, 85 th percentile speed, headway, gap, vehicle by vehicle data, binned data. Data files are provided with detailed data and graphs wherever necessary.

Small junctions to major interchanges Turning Movement Counts are undertaken by experienced enumerators. Hand held traffic Counters are used for the surveys. Data can be downloaded to computer and then converted to the required formats. Data files are given with three or four classification of vehicle data along with graphs and ACAD schematic drawing of intersections.

Classification counts for 16 hours are done by experienced enumerators. Hand held Traffic Counters are used for surveys. Data thus collected is transferred to computer and converted into files of required format. This survey can also be undertaken by using video Cameras.

We undertake Axle load surveys with Portable Weigh Scales to estimate the Axle load on trucks. Data files are submitted giving details of different types of vehicles and Axle load data collected.

Traffic Tech undertakes different Parking surveys and offers services in in Internal Circulation and Parking Layout design for Parking facilities. Parking Inventory, Demand and Supply surveys are undertaken by Traffic Tech. Other details like Parking duration, accumulation are also collected as per the requirement of clients.

Pedestrians/Cyclists crossing specific locations like intersections by direction and time of day can be collected by Traffic Tech. Data are collected for required duration for the specified interval. Data files are submitted with the help of relevant drawings.

Spot speed surveys are undertaken by using Hand held radar speed guns. Surveys are conducted by trained operators for different duration as per requirement of clients. Data collected are tabulated and submitted in approved format by giving details like 85 th percentile speed. Surveys to suite specific needs and requirements of clients are undertaken.

GPS instruments are used to record time and coordinates at specific points along a corridor multiple times during peak hours to give an average journey time for designated routes. Coordinates measurements are recorded at every one second interval. Floating car method is used to conduct the survey and average travel time data are worked out. Delay at various points along the travel route also will be recorded.

Back of Queue measurements are done at approaches to intersections or other locations. Queue lengths are measured at regular intervals during peak hours. Video surveys or manual counts are adopted as per the requirement of client for undertaking this type of surveys.

Saturation flow, a measure of capacity of signalized intersections, is measured for the particular geometric, traffic, control and environmental conditions. Video surveys are used to get accurate results. Data analysis can be done by HCM or TRL method.

Headway and gap acceptance data are useful in estimating the capacity at mid blocks and uncontrolled intersections respectively. Video record of the intersection will be used for the headway and Gap Acceptance studies. Video camera will be positioned at the suitable position of the intersection to record the crossing movement of vehicles through the main road and minor road. Data is collected for nine hours or as directed by client. Collected data will be replayed in video monitors and the required data is retrieved.

Traffic Tech has experience of conducting Road side Interviews for Origin Destination Surveys. Traffic Tech staff have experience of working under rigorous traffic conditions and have developed procedures to ensure that required samples are obtained in a safe and efficient manner. Vehicles are safely guided to the survey area as per Traffic Management layout plans devised in line with relevant standards. All road side interviews are organized in accordance with best practices in consultation with clients.

Traffic Tech has wide experience in conducting Trip Generation Surveys. Details of Trips are recorded for different land uses. Independent variables of land use are also collected. Suitable methods like Video surveys, Automatic Traffic Counts, manual methods are used for collecting data.

Traffic Tech has experienced survey professionals to conduct Household surveys. Household surveys are done by manual questionnaire method. Enumerators visit households and explain questionnaires to household head and collect feedback of family members. Data collected are tabulated and analyzed as per client’s requirement.

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