Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System

Traffic Tech was the first to develop an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System with the capability to read Arabic number plates and characters at high accuracy. ANPR is a technology that provides automated access on number plate contents, extracting numbers and alphabets within a fraction of a second, and converts it to a computer recognizable format. Our ANPR System is a 24/7 working solution that works with full options even when servers and networks are down.

Traffic Tech SmartANPR™ Solutions

Key Configurations:
    • Free Flow Mode – Suitable for logging / monitoring of vehicles passing through law enforcement check points.
    • Parking Mode – Provides additional security feature for Parking Management Systems.
    • Mobile Mode – For police cars or other law enforcement authorities. Mobile ANPR for surveillance.
    • High accuracy rate for Arabic (GCC) license plates.
    • Captures license plate information of moving vehicles up to a speed up to 200km/hr.
    • Database of black list vehicles (i.e. stolen) can be uploaded into the system to facilitate surveillance & monitoring function.
    • Can work as a stand alone system of can be integrated with other systems.
    • Remote operation monitoring from any place over a local area network.
    • Reports can be generated for future security use / review.

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In Free Flow or Mobile Mode, SmartANPR™ can be used for a various traffic monitoring, surveillance, and law enforcement applications that include:

    • Freeway border control
      • Automates number plate recording of vehicles crossing country borders.
      • Speeds up overall immigration processing time that reduces vehicle queuing.
      • Monitoring of hot/stolen vehicles crossing borders.
    • Highway security surveillance
    • Point to point speed enforcement
    • Mobile patrolling / surveillance of stolen vehicles.


In Parking Mode, SmartPARK™ can be integrated with a Parking Management System to provide vehicle security features for paid and/or secure parking.

    • Tracks entry of unwanted vehicles in secure parking facilities such as airports and government offices.
    • At the exit of a paid parking facility, parking tickets can be crossed checked versus the vehicle captured in the ANPR system. This prevents a parker from exiting the facility with a different parking ticket.
    • In case of lost parking ticket, operator can easily track entry time of vehicle to identify exact amount to be paid.
    • For season parker membership using transponder cards, ANPR helps ensure that the card is only used by the registered vehicle in the membership system.
    • In large scale and/or multi-level parking where each level or parking location is equipped with ANPR, operators can easily locate lost vehicles.
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