Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

In order to deliver Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that improve safety, efficiency, minimise travel times, fuel consumption and carbon footprint of traffic and transport systems, Traffic Tech provides a seamless integration of information and communications technologies into a unified integrated system.

Comprehensive ITS expertise allows the company to offer clients a full range of ITS services including audit, improvement, planning, design, deployment, installation, operation and maintenance of entire systems.
Traffic Tech takes pride in pioneering ITS services in the region including:
    • Freeway Management Systems
    • Toll Collection Systems
    • Tunnel Management Systems
    • Traffic Data Collection Stations
    • Traveler Information Systems
    • Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
    • Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Stations
    • Over-height Vehicle Detection Systems
    • Incident Detection Systems
    • Mobile ITS System for Work Zones
    • Parking Management & Guidance Systems
    • Public Transport Management Systems
    • Variable / Dynamic Message Signs
    • CCTV Systems & Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    • Weather Stations

A team of more than 70 highly qualified engineers from all ITS related disciplines

A team of more than 70 highly qualified engineers from all ITS related disciplines (Civil / Traffic, Electrical, Electronics, Electro-Mechanical, IT and Communications) provide our clients the most appropriate customised ITS solutions to any of their ITS related requirements.

Design - Build Expertise
“ Our experience is your advantage ”

Leverage on Traffic Tech’s wealth of experience, engineering resources, and established partnership with leading OEMs, to execute your Design-Build requirements. Save your time and resources, and be assured that you’ll get a complete system by merely providing functional specifications of your ITS projects.

We are here to partner with you in implementing your ITS projects with Design-Build approach. We have successfully implemented large scale ITS projects in the Middle East and Gulf region using this approach including:

The Lusail Expressway ITS
The Doha Urban Traffic Control System
The RAAR Tunnel Management System
The Duhail Interchange Over-height Vehicle Detection System
The Salwa Highway ITS / Truck Weigh Stations

Freeway Management System

Traffic Tech combines advanced technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in providing Freeway Management Systems that facilitate safe and efficient operations of a regional freeway infrastructure.

Freeway Management System includes technologies and systems that help…​
    • Improve and control the flow of traffic.
    • Provide advance information to motorists on accidents or road works.
    • Aide the management of incidents and/or accidents.
    • Reduce accidents by implementing systems that execute control of vehicle height and load limits.
Typical System Components
  • Backbone of the entire system.
  • Provides fast and high capacity data transmission to establish communication between all the components of the system.
  • Advanced Traffic Management Software with Graphical user interface (GUI) rich in image that facilitate operator task.
  • System map with active icons that represent all the subsystems. Controls all of the system’s devices.
  • Alarm panel – Traffic alerts & system faults.
  • Incident / Accident monitoring and management.
  • Triggers an alarm to the system when it detects slow traffic movement, traffic flow in the wrong direction, close vehicle gaps, high speed differential or even unidentified objects on the road.
  • Video over IP system.
  • Provides real-time view of traffic on the freeway.
  • These cameras are monitored from the system’s traffic control center to see how traffic is moving on freeways and identify trouble spots. If an accident happens on the freeway, operators can assess the scene and provide information to public safety and emergency crews.
  • With default dialing to the control center and emergency services.
  • Displays texts and graphics. Bilingual characters (Arabic & English).
  • Provides motorists with advance notification of accidentslane closure, road work, etc.
  • Lane management
  • Displays variable speed limits.
  • Promotes accident prevention by controlling entry of over-height vehicles.
  • Sensors mounted on the road that captures information on vehicle axle loads, gross weight, speed, & classification.
  • WIM can be integrated into a truck weigh station to function as prescreening stage.
  • Data can also be used for surveys and statistics.
  • Traffic Tech is a certified installer of Kistler Quartz sensor.
  • Enforcement of truck axle load limit.
  • Axle load limit enforcement extends pavement life of the road, reduces road user cost through improved road conditions, and prevents accidents caused by overloading.
  • WIM preliminary screens potential overload violators.
  • After preliminary screening, traffic lights directional signs directs trucks to bypass or go through a static scale.
  • Static Scale/Scale House – thoroughly weighs trucks. Authorities then issues violation tickets as necessary.
  • All the data obtained by truck weigh stations can also be used for surveys and statistics.

Tunnel Management System (TMS)

    • Real-time tunnel traffic monitoring and optimum incident/accident management.
    • Vehicle guidance in the tunnel and at the approach giving advance notice to motorists on tunnel condition.
    • Accident prevention through enforcement of speed limit and over-height limit.
    • Proper lighting, lane illumination, ventilation, and emergency equipment inside the tunnel (emergency telephone, fire extinguishers, illuminated exit directions).
    • Incident detection and alarm system triggered through automatic incident detection cameras.
    • Incident/Accident management facilitated by predefined emergency procedures / system settings manipulated from a main control activating all components of the system.
TMS Components
      • Video Workstation with Graphical User Interface (GUI)
      • Over-height Vehicle Detection (OVDS)
      • Variable Message Signs
      • Variable Speed limit Signs
      • Lane Control Signs
      • Speed Enforcement Cameras
      • Incident Detection & Surveillance Cameras
      • Lane Lights LED Road Markers
      • Illuminated signs
      • Emergency Response Telephone System

Work Zone ITS

    • The system provides traffic professionals / contractors a tool to monitor work zones and surrounding traffic.
    • The system gives motorists advance notice on road condition.
    • The system uses portable and solar powered components integrated over wireless communications for maximum mobility
System Components & Functions:
      • Smart Eye (Pan-Till-Zoom Camera) – Portable camera system for contractors to monitor construction development in work zone areas and for traffic professionals to monitor surrounding traffic condition.
      • Variable Message Signs – Provides motorists with advance notification on road condition.
      • Speed Detectors – Detects speed of approaching vehicles.
      • Cameras/Radars – Detects volume of vehicles few kilometers away from work zone.
      • Control Systems – Processes the data on vehicle volume and speed of vehicles towards the approach of the work zone area.
      • Variable Speed Limit Signs – Using data processed by the control system, it will display advance information and recommended speed limit towards the approach of the work area.
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