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Quality & Safety

Quality and Safety are highly important aspects of our business. Quality and safety policies drive Traffic Tech’s day-to-day operations, at offices and on sites.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) enables us to deliver high service level through application of an effective process-based approach methodology. Our employees are fully committed to continually improving processes that define the quality level of our services. Through regular assessments and audits, everybody’s compliance to the company’s customer–focused QMS is guaranteed.

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our ISO compliant processes. Traffic Tech is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for the Design, Systems Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Sales of Traffic Management Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Tuck Weighing Systems, Parking Management, Access Control, Communication, and Security Systems.

Traffic Tech’s commitment in maintaining high health and safety standards warrant safe, secured and injury-free work environment for employees, contractors, and the general public. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment is the corner stone of the company’s health & safety management system. Identification of measures in controlling hazards to acceptable levels forms part of our day-to-day operation.

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ISO 9001-2015 Certificate
ISO 9001-2015 Certificate
  ISO 45001-2018 Certificate
ISO 45001-2018 Certificate


QMS Policy
Quality Management System Policy
  OH & SMS Policy
Occupational Health & Safety Management System Policy
  EMS Policy
Environmental Management System Policy

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