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Traffic Tech Reference Projects - Traffic Management & ITS

Supply, Installation, Operation, & Maintenance of Work Zone
Speed Enforcement Cameras

Highway Projects - Qatar

Project Name: : Dukhan Highway Project
Contractor: : Consolidated Contractors Group / Teyseer Contracting Company JV
Client:   : Public Works Authority
Quantity: : 16 cameras
Project Name: : Doha Expressway Package 6 – East Industrial Road Interchanges at Intersections with Street 10 & Street 23
Contractor: : Sinohydro Grpup Limited
Client:   : Public Works Authority
Quantity: : 2 cameras
Project Name: : Doha Expressway Package 12 – F Ring Road Project
Contractor: : Consolidated Contractors Group / Teyseer Contracting Company JV
Client:   : Public Works Authority
Quantity: : 2 cameras

Design & Build of Traffic Management System in Hamad International Airport

Client : Hamad International Airport
Main Contractor : Six Construct - Midmac JV

Traffic Tech designed and built the Bus and Baggage Tug Traffic Management System at the new Hamad International Airport. The system facilitates the smooth traffic operation of buses that transport passengers, and baggage tugs that carry terminating/transit luggage, to and from arriving or departing aircrafts.

The system has been installed in five (5) locations, with each of the 5 locations operating independently.

System Components:

  • 4 custom made traffic signal boxes (shows bay numbers & red / green signal to indicate the occupancy of a corresponding bay)
  • 11 pole mounted traffic signals (2 aspect red / green)
  • 30 vehicle loop detectors
  • 5 main custom made control cabinets
  • 4 remote control cabinets
  • Fiber optic communications system connecting all field components

Supply of Automatic Weather Station at Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Client : Qatar Petroleum

Traffic Tech supplied and delivered an Automatic Weather Station for Qatar Petroleum’s offshore operations. A training and demonstration was provided for QP’s engineers and technicians on the installation and setup of for North Field Alpha offshore platform.

The Automatic Weather Station is specially designed for maritime environments such as ports, ships, and offshore platforms. Outdoor enclosure is designed to withstand the salty and wet conditions that prevail aboard ships and platforms as well as the freeze/thaw conditions experienced in extreme-weather environments. It is also able to endure vibration and shock. The Weather Transmitter measures barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, and wind speed and direction i.e. Measures 6 most essential weather parameters.

System Components:

  • 1 Automatic Weather Station
  • 2 Weather Transmitter
  • 2 Present Weather Visibility sensor
  • 2 MetCast Observation Console
  • 2 Industrial Touch panel PCs

Supply and installation of Crash Cushions for Doha Expressway

Public Works Authority - QATAR

Project brief:

  • 45 Nos. QuadGuard Crash Cushions that meet NCHRP 350, Test Level 3, Non-gating, redirective system consists of crushable, energy-absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of Energy Absorption’s  exclusive steel Quad-Beam panels.

  • 8 Nos. REACT 350 Crash Cushions 915mm wide, meets NCHRP 350 (National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350) and is a non gating redirective crash cushion product.
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