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Traffic Tech Reference Projects - Traffic Management & ITS

Freeway Management System – Phase 1


Salwa Highway is connecting Doha City (the Capital of Qatar) with the Qatari – Saudi border zone near Bu Samra, some 95 kilometers to the southwest of Doha. Phase 1 involves the upgrade of approximately 85 kilometers of Salwa Road from just south of the industrial Area to 2 kilometers in advance of the border zone at Bu Samra.

Salwa Road has the distinction of being Qatar’s first International Road and thus, offers the opportunity to make a positive first impression of Qatar to many travelers. Implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems within the new road will reduce travel time and enhance operations in a safer and more efficient manner.

A. Preliminary Design of full Freeway Management System includes:

  • ITS Communication Network (Fiber optics Gigabit Network)
  • Traffic Data Collection Stations
  • Video Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)
  • Incident Detection Cameras
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs
  • Emergency Telephones
  • Weather Stations
  • Truck Weigh Stations

B. Final design & implementation of:

  • Design & Build of Traffic control Center (TCC)
  • Design & Build of 6 Truck Weigh Stations
  • Design & Build of 85 Km of ITS ducting for the Fiber backbone.
  • Laying of 100 Km of Fiber Optic Cable
  • Installation of 600 induction loop
  • Installation of 6 Overheight Vehicle Detection System (OVDS)
  • Installation of more than 30 gantry mounted directional signs

Variable Speed Limit and Bridge Clearance Limit Signs

Doha Expressway Phase 1 & 2 - Qatar

Client: Public Works Authority (PWA)
Main Contractor: Boom Construction Company
Consultant: AECOM

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of 44 numbers of Variable Speed
Limit and Bridge Clearance Limit Signs at the following locations:

  • Al Sadd Underpass
  • Omer Bin Al Kahtab Underpass
  • Al Jwwan Underpass
  • Al Rayan Expressway
  • Al Rayan Roundabout
  • Al Rayan Flyover

Work Zone ITS / SmartEye Projects - Qatar


  • Doha Expressway Package 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12 & 13
  • Lusail Expressway P003
  • NDIA North/South Extensions to Ras Abu Aboud Road

Traffic Tech (Gulf) successfully carried out design & build Work Zone ITS Projects. The systems monitor / control traffic on the construction site’s detours and provide work progress monitoring. These projects included in total the following components among others:

  • 58 SmartEye (portable solar powered surveillance cameras)
  • 71 remotely controlled solar powered trailer mounted portable Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • 74 Solar Powered Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards
  • 10 Control Rooms, each  equipped with central wireless base station on a 24 m tower and central management software
  • SmartCam Web based Management Software
  • DVR for continuous recording 7 days a week

Over-height Vehicle Detection System (OVDS) Projects

Duhail Interchange, Doha Expressway (Qatar)

Supply, installation & maintenance of Over-height Vehicle Detection System on 3 approaches of the Duhail Interchange.

  • Each approach is equipped with the following components:
    • Static sign indicating maximum height with flashers
    • Static sign indicating designated exit
    • OVDS – Z Pattern Type
    • Gantry mounted full colored full matrix LED VMS
    • Pole mounted Yellow full matrix LED VMS with two strobes
    • Electronic Alarm siren installed on the pole mounted VMS
    • Road Side Controller
  • The whole system is integrated to SCATS which allows appropriate traffic signal coordination. When an over-height vehicle is detected, the traffic signal of the approach where the over-height vehicle is headed will be automatically switched to RED by SCATS, thus preventing the vehicle's passage towards the bridge of the interchange.
  • Two (2) Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras installed at the Duhail Interchange are integrated into the system that provides automatic live CCTV feed on an approach where an over-height vehicle is detected. The CCTV feed is displayed at the Traffic Control Center located at the PWA (Ashghal) Tower.
  • The over-height vehicle’s driver is alerted of the impending danger by an audible sound while two (2) full matrix VMS provide visual warnings and directs the driver to the designated exit to avoid hitting the bridge on the interchange.
  • At the Traffic Control Center, an audible alarm alerts the SCATS operator that an over-height vehicle is detected. The SCATS operator then monitors the movement of the over-height vehicle until it heads to the designated exit. Once the impending danger is cleared, the SCATS operator returns the traffic signal phasing of the interchange to its normal operation.
  • Client: Public Works Authority (Ashghal)


Dukhan Highway (Qatar)

  • 9 nos. OVDS (Dual Eye type) with 9 LED signs and 9 electronic sirens
  • Above mentioned components operate on solar power systems 
  • The system is equipped with video capturing of over-height vehicles
  • Contractor: Gulf Consolidated Contractors
  • Client: Qatar Petroleum

Ras Abu Aboud Road (Qatar)

  • 3 nos. OVDS (Z-pattern type) with 3 LED signs and 3 electronic sirens
  • Integrated over Tunnel Management System
  • Contractor: Midmac-Yuksel JV
  • Client: New Doha International Airport Steering Committee

Salwa International Highway (Qatar)

  • 6 nos. OVDS (Dual Eye type) integrated over Truck Weigh Stations,
    1 installed at each ramp screening stage
  • Client: Public Works Authority (Ashghal)

North Road (Qatar)

  • 3 nos. OVDS (Dual Eye type) integrated over Truck Weigh Stations,
    1 installed at each ramp screening stage
  • Client: Public Works Authority (Ashghal)

Jebel Ali Port Container Terminal (Dubai-UAE)

  • 2 nos. OVDS (Single Eye type) with 4 LED signs and 4 sirens installed at gate 2
  • 6 nos. OVDS to be installed at Gate 1 in 2010
  • Client: Dubai Ports World Authority

Industrial Area Interchange (Qatar)

  • 4 nos. OVDS (Z Pattern)
  • Contractor: Konstruktor Engineering
  • Client: Public Works Authority (Ashghal)

Doha Expressway Package 6 (Qatar)

  • 2 nos. OVDS (Z Pattern) with 2 nos. VMS and 2 nos. sirens
  • Contractor: Synohydro
  • Client: Public Works Authority (Ashghal)

Doha Expressway Package 7 (Qatar)

  • 12 nos. OVDS (Z Pattern) with 15 nos. VMS and 15 nos. sirens
  • Contractor: Yuksel Midmac JV
  • Client: Public Works Authority (Ashghal)

Al Salam Street Tunnel (Abu Dhabi – UAE)

  • 4 nos. OVDS (Z Pattren) and 2 nos. electronic sirens
  • Integrated over Tunnel Management System
  • Contractor: Sirti FZ LLC / Samsung Saif Bin Darwish JV
  • Client: Abu Dhabi Municipality

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