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Traffic Tech Reference Projects - Traffic Management & ITS

Emergency Vehicle Preemption System (EVPS)
Doha - Qatar

Traffic Tech (Gulf) designed and built Qatar’s first fully integrated Emergency Vehicle Preemption System (EVPS), a GPS based system that allows emergency vehicles equipped with a preemption emitter to get priority on signalized intersections / roundabouts.

The EVPS has been initially installed at critical junctions across Doha, including 25 intersections and 5 roundabouts, while 15 ambulances and 10 vehicles from the Civil Defence are fitted with preemption emitters. These numbers are expected to increase once expansion of the project commences. The EVPS is integrated into Doha’s SCATS Urban Traffic Control System, and is monitored from the Ashghal Traffic Control Center.

System Includes:

  • Installation of GPS based EVPS out-station equipment on 30 intersections.
  • Installation EVPS preemption emitter equipment on 25 emergency vehicles.
  • Central Management Software
  • Complete control room equipment with integration to Doha’s SCATS Urban Traffic Control System.

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Tunnel Management System (TMS) on Ras Abu Aboud Road Tunnel - QATAR

Client: New Doha International Airport (NDIA) Steering Committee
Main Contractor: Midmac-Yuksel JV
Consultant: Cansult Maunsell

Traffic Tech implemented Qatar’s first Tunnel Management System (TMS) as part of the NDIA North/South Extensions to Ras
Abu Aboud Road project. The TMS includes state-of-the-art
ITS technologies that aim to provide:

  • traveler real time information
  • vehicle guidance
  • lane control
  • automatic incident detection
  • speed enforcement
  • automated & synchronized tunnel emergency strategies
  • over-height vehicle detection

In addition, all other tunnel subcomponents including emergency telephones, fire alarm system, illumination, ventilation system, and surveillance cameras are also integrated to the system, monitored and operated via a graphical user interface (GUI) located at the tunnel’s control room.

This TMS is equipped with highly advanced ITS components including:

Over-height Vehicle Detection (OVDS) System

  • One (1) unit OVDS installed 1km before the tunnel approach to restrict entry of vehicles over 5.5 meters in height
  • Two (2) other units are installed after the tunnel to impose over-height restriction for succeeding underpasses throughout the Ras Abu Aboud Road extension project

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

  • Installed at gantries, center island, tunnel entry, and inside the tunnel
  • One (1) VMS with combined RGB and yellow text display installed at the tunnel entry that displays tunnel condition (open/closed), speed limit, etc..
  • Four (4) VMS with yellow text display installed at 2 gantries towards the tunnel approach
  • Two (2) VMS with Yellow text display installed at the center island towards the tunnel approach

Variable Speed Limit Signs

  • Installed at gantries and inside the tunnel
  • Twelve (12) units outdoor variable speed limit signs mounted at the gantries displaying variable lane speed limits towards the tunnel approach
  • Two (2) units variable speed limit signs with laser radar speed detectors installed inside the tunnel that display variable speed limits and warns incoming over-speeding vehicles

Lane Control Signs

  • Installed at gantries and at the tunnel approach
  • Twelve (12) units outdoor lane control signs mounted at the gantries that facilitate lane management and merging towards the tunnel approach
  • Two (2) units mounted at the tunnel entry

Emergency Road Side Telephone (ERT) System

  • Four (4) sets of ERT System, two inside the tunnel and the other two at the entry and at the exit

Automatic Incident Detection Cameras

  • Four (4) Fixed Colour CCD Cameras for traffic surveillance and automatic incident detection

PTZ Cameras

  • Four (4) Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras for traffic surveillance

Lanelight LED Road Marker

  • Daytime-visible LEDs with sealed electronics, scratch resistant lenses and stainless steel light heads that provide dynamic delineation, and lane guidance inside the tunnel
  • Provides enhanced lane visibility in the tunnel’s narrow curve

TMS Control Room

  • All ITS components & tunnel subsystems are controlled and operated via a graphical user interface (GUI), a video control workstation equipped with Telegra TopXview software.
  • TopXview Automatics, a program included in the system’s software, manage displays on all variable traffic signs (VMS, speed limit, lane control) when an alarm is triggered by predefined scenarios that include:
    • Over-height vehicle detection
    • Fire alarm
    • Combined NO, CO, and visibility sensor alarm
    • Automatic Incident Detection Alarms – stopped vehicle, congestion, pedestrian, wrong way, and smoke alarm
    • ERT call

Roadside Controllers & Communications System

  • Three (3) Roadside Controllers connect all field components to the tunnel’s control room.
  • All ITS components are connected via fiber optic communications system with ruggedized Ethernet switching.
  • ITS components are interfaced to a central PLC that controls:
    • Air quality
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Submersible Pump System
    • Lighting System
    • Exhaust/Ventilation System

It is noteworthy to highlight that the project was successfully implemented and commissioned in-time for the opening of the road expansion, made possible through excellent partnership between all stakeholders:

  • The NDIA Steering Committee was keen to implement a state-of-the-art Tunnel Management System that meets global safety standards, in the road expansion project that will link the capital to the soon-to-open world class New Doha International Airport.
  • AECOM (Maunsell Consultancy Services) provided professional advice on design issues.
  • Midmac-Yuksel JV was open to accept new ideas during the project’s conceptualization, empowering Traffic Tech (Gulf) to propose a highly efficient and fully integrated TMS.
  • Traffic Tech (Gulf) executed the whole project in a span of 5 months, from design, to installation and commissioning, through efficient coordination with Telegra and the rest of the project’s component suppliers.

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